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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Site Flip Banned Abroad!

In case you didn't know, Site Flip is such a dangerously subversive blog that India and Pakistan have both banned me from their citizens computers. Apparently, the BBC says I'm not the only one. I'm guessing my City SEO blog is also cut off from the Indian subcontinent. If you enjoy the read, consider my free newsletter.

Here's the commentary I posted over at Earner's Forums.

Why are some blogs blocked? According to the BBC:

A federal government notification of July 2003 says it can ban websites in the interest of:

* sovereignty or integrity of India
* security of the state
* friendly relations with foreign states and public order
* preventing incitement to commissioning of any cognisable offences.

What I find funny, generally, is that Google played along with the censorship game in China, and is now feeling the other end of this.
Wouldn't it be grand for and to be blocked abroad? Let the smarty pants know what it's like to be blacklisted.

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