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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Website Flipping Tips from Real Estate Investors

I was surfing the Web and I came across a real estate website discussing the opportunities the company was interested in. Many of their buying interests can be translated into tips for website flippers in the Web estate market. If you enjoy the read, consider my free newsletter.

Here are the LargeRealEstate investors's interests:

  • Properties priced below replacement costs: Well located properties that can be acquired at a price below replacement costs where underlying conditions may be affecting rents.
  • Neglected Properties: Properties that may have been undermanaged and that require aggressive asset management and possibly moderate capital expenditures.
  • Properties with rehabilitation potential: Assets in need of physical rehabilitation. Examples would include underperforming properties in good locations that may have not been maintained to remain competitive.
  • Properties with Expansion Opportunities: Properties that can be acquired with an opportunity to add or build out additional density.
  • New Development: We seek to take equity or equity like debt positions in both speculative and pre-leased ground-up development projects.
Translating that into the world of website flipping, website bargains are:

  • Established websites that are priced below what it would cost to rebuild them from scratch: Websites with lots of links and/or part of a good network, priced below replacement costs, and not being monetized to potential.
  • Neglected websites: Frequency of content updates has been faltering, comment spam is accumulating etc. Design is out of date and cannot handle what the website has developed into.
  • Websites with awful design: This can be in terms of layout, graphics, usability, "busy-ness", poor SEO, etc. Good links and networking, but the website itself needs repair. (My note: A problem that can be related to neglect.)
  • Established Websites whose content can be quickly enriched: A website with good bases and richness of content that can easily be expanded. For example, popular music forums can probably add a forum for music video discussions.
  • New website/blog with pre-existing marketing: A website can leverage the owner's other websites for traffic, links, content, etc. A good example would be Darren Rowse's b5media blog network.

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