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Monday, June 26, 2006

Smart Buyers Taking Advantage of Less Experienced

From Earner Forums comes a story of someone who nearly got bought ought before he realized his potential buyer was a shark.
"About a month ago, someone emailed and inquired about one of my very (and I mean very) small sites. I have put so little effort into this site.

Anyway, he just asked if I would consider selling it. (which I had not ever considered before)

I didn't reply, but then got curious. He wanted the entire site. As is. (keeping in mind it's just a small site with only about 45 articles on it and a vbulletin with under 500 members)

With not ever experiencing this, I asked how he wanted to proceed. Did he want appraisal? traffic stats? revenue?

He replied he didn't want to insult me with offering too little, so to tell him what I wanted for it and to send along the stats.

Then I googled his name and was surprised to find out who he was and felt terribly naive. Like ok, I'm in over my head lately. You know..they know the game better than I do, but I'm not entirely stupid either."

What would you consider in that situation? Would you have been smart enough to Google the buyer? Do you think experienced buyers take advantage of the newer people?

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