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Monday, October 01, 2007 - Building Domains Into Businesses is a brilliant new startup that's recently raised $2M in funding. I love their business plan which is related to site flipping but with a different revenue model If you enjoy the read, consider my free newsletter.

Essentially, have developed a site template and domain monetization plan that they are offering to domainers. The content comes from bloggers, the revenue comes from affiliate programs and adsense, the directories from Domainer's internal development team et voila: you've got a site with content and a revenue model.

My question is: What's the difference between domainers posting affiliate ads on their site and/or adsense and doing that with some aggregated blog content thrown in? What is the value add that provides domainers that they couldn't easily do themselves? I think they've got a good idea but need to develop their platform further.

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