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Friday, December 01, 2006

Don't get Burned When You Buy a Site

A key concern in buying a website is the transaction itself and ensuring the quality of what you're buying. The impersonal and international nature of the internet makes warranties of quality near impossible to enforce, even if law makes them an implicit part part of contracts If you enjoy the read, consider my free newsletter.

A friend and mentor of mine, Peter Davis, has addressed these concerns with a little guide to avoid getting burned in buying websites (or other online property for that matter). As an active trader and a moderator at one of the web's most popular marketplaces for buying and selling websites, domains and other online products, Peter definitely knows what he's talking about.
Among the advice he shares:
Do a background check on who you're buying from. Plug their name and online nickname into the search engines. Ask other forum members about them.
Don't count on paypal to bail you out if you get scammed. Their first interest is their own bottom line.
Harassing forum mods will get you nowhere. The most they can do is ban the account/IP, and while that may be satisfying for those seeking retribution, it won't get your money back.

There are more rules and ideas Peter that shares that I haven't mentioned here. Generally, it's excellent advice for newbies to moderately advanced site flippers, so go check it out!.

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  • At 6:29 PM, Blogger Robert Kingston said…

    We almost got burned a while back when we were looking to buy a gaming forum. The site looked massively popular and it was teeming with posts and threads but all of it turned out to be auto-generated by a bot. You really need your wits about you don't you?

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